Monthly Senior Center Board Meeting Minutes


October 10, 2017, Meeting Minutes (Approved)

Meeting was called to order by Arlene Athmann. Board members present included Arlene, Anita Krebs, Joan Moser, Shirlee Prior, Connie Rausch, Bernie Schmitz, Bob Schreifels, and Bonnie Sweet.  Also present was Nadine Schnettler, Director.  Absent were Carolyn Bauer, Ardell Goebel, Joyce Phillips-Kunkel, and Nancy Nierenhausen.

Motion by Anita, seconded by Bob to approve agenda. Agenda approved.  Motion by Joan, seconded by Bob to approve September minutes.  Minutes approved.  Motion by Bob, seconded by Bernie to approve treasurer’s report.  Treasurer’s report approved.  Report on support fees, Breakfast in Bed and quilt chances were discussed.  Connie reported 10 quilts are already finished for the Quilt Bingo. 245 quilt chances were sold with the annual mailing.

Old Business: Regarding the CD’s, Connie reported the penalties for early redemption were only about $20.  Motion by Bob and seconded by Joan to allow Connie and Marv Salzer (our accountant) to redeem the three CD’s and deposit the funds in the ROCORI Senior Center’s funds, within the ROCORI Area Community Foundation.  After much discussion, the school district and senior center’s space use agreement was tabled until we could get more clarification from the district.  Items in question included the storage area, liability insurance, and an in-kind contribution.  Nadine will invite Scott Staska, Stephanie Hillman, and Carol Manuel to our November board meeting to resolve the outstanding questions.

Regarding the 2018 business ads, Arlene has contacted all of her businesses. Joan hasn’t started yet. No word on whether Joyce has made her contacts.  Consensus from the board was that this area needs more help for next year because it involves multiple trips to each business.  The group in charge of the inventory completed the inventory after two meetings.  The inventory master needs to be updated by Nadine now.  The craft corner space and sitting area has been reorganized by Nadine and Kent.  We still need to route the TV cable above the ceiling tiles.  Bob volunteered to run the cable and Nadine will order the cable.  Regarding the Trinity Heights trip; there were good comments with only one cancellation due to illness.

Profit for the September Jackpot Junction trip should total $924. 29 rode the bus and two drove themselves because of a medical issue.  Shirley Bell’s stretching class is going well.  We’re still working out options for amplifying her voice.  A new nine-week seated exercise class is starting on Thursday mornings this month with a certified trainer from Snap Fitness.  Grant funds will pay for the trainer and resistance bands.

New Business: Nadine is planning a Christmas-themed overnight trip to Duluth.  Attractions include Glensheen Mansion, the Duluth Aquarium, North Shore Scenic Railroad and Bentleyville.  The trip is all-inclusive and costs $199 per person sharing a room.  This should be quite profitable if we fill the bus, which seats 56 people.  ROCORI Superintendent Staska will speak about the upcoming referendum election after coffee on October 27.  A fall lunch is scheduled on October 25 to use up the remaining GnP chicken patties.  The monthly foot clinic is booked in advance for the next few months.  The provider is willing to add an extra day each month if we make the space available.  Shirlee offered to reorganize the card display.  She will ask Janice Althoff for her help.  Bonnie also offered to help.  Anita turned in another packet of Teals receipts for $56, which will actually be $112, because Teals is doubling the rebates until the end of the year.

No further business.  Motion by Bob and seconded by Bernie to adjourn the meeting.  Meeting adjourned.

Next meeting is November 14, 2017
Minutes taken by Anita Krebs

September 12, 2017, Meeting Minutes (Approved)

Meeting was called to order by Nancy Nierenhausen. Board members present included Arlene Athmann, Anita Krebs, Joan Moser, Nancy Nierenhausen, Joyce Phillips-Kunkel, Shirlee Prior, Connie Rausch, Bernie Schmitz, Bob Schreifels, and Bonnie Sweet. Also present was Nadine Schnettler, Director. Absent were Carolyn Bauer and Ardell Goebel.

Motion by Joyce, seconded by Bob to approve agenda. Agenda approved. Motion by Joyce, seconded by Nancy to approve August minutes. Minutes approved. After much discussion, motion by Anita, seconded by ? to approve treasurer’s report. With reference to our investment in ROCORI Area Community Foundation (RACFS), Jerry Wenner, along with Roger Bechtold and Carol Turnow enlightened us regarding the different aspects the Foundation has become involved in and how the monies are invested at the local and regional level. After Jerry, Roger and Carol left the meeting, the board discussed the center’s long term investments. The board discussed moving the funds from our three CD’s, which are not earning much, into our fund within RACF. Joyce motioned and Bob seconded to cash in the CD’s (when they can be redeemed again) and invest in our RACF fund. Motion approved.
Old Business: Nadine updated the board about the school district’s plans to enhance security within district facilities. If their plan is implemented, photo ID’s will be required to access any building unless you have a key fob. The DEF building is later in the implementation and could happen later this year.

Arlene, Joyce and Joan will meet to plan the solicitation for the annual business ads in the community education brochure. Nadine will prepare a detailed handout for the committee to leave with prospective advertisers. One advertiser was missed in the brochure during 2017 so their ad will be placed for free for 2018. Nadine didn’t think there were any senior center class discounts in the recent community education brochure so she will investigate. The board approved moving the TV, chairs, and loveseats into the old craft corner space. Nadine will coordinate with Kent.

32 people were signed up for the Trinity Height’s trip. Profit was estimated to be $585. There will be an opportunity to shop in their gift shop so she didn’t think a donation was necessary. Gratuities to the driver and trip host were approved at $100 and $225 respectively. Nadine reported on the CentraCare grant and how she is working hard to spend down the grant funds.

New Business: 2018 Meat Raffles are scheduled for April 7 and December 1 at Corky’s in Richmond. Seventeen people have signed up for Shirley Bell’s stretching and flexibility class that starts on Tuesday, September 19 at 10:30 AM. We are still looking for an instructor to lead the seated exercise class and Nadine will contact a certified personal trainer who works at SnapFitness. Grant funds are being used for the physical activities. We will not plan for an additional water aerobics class at the hotel because the group felt there were already enough opportunities. There were only 21 people signed up for the Jackpot Junction trip so we need to downsize to the smaller bus, which costs $560, as compared to the big bus, which costs $995. Everything is ready to go for the fall mailing. Arlene, Nancy and Bernie will process the mailing. The CentraCare grant is funding the mailing. The lease agreement with the District was discussed and how we will now be charged $375 for the storage room behind the historical society. Nadine will have the agreement ready for the board to approve at the September meeting. We have three Teals receipt packs that are pending payment and another to submit for $81. A community member offered to donate a piano, but, the board decided we don’t have room or the need.
No further business.

Next meeting is October 10, 2017
Minutes taken by Anita Krebs

August 8, 2017, Meeting Minutes (Approved)

Meeting was called to order by Nancy. Board members present were Arlene Athmann, Ardell Goebel, Anita Krebs, Joan Moser, Nancy Nierenhausen, Joyce Phillips-Kunkel, Shirlee Prior, Connie Rausch, Bernie Schmitz, Bob Schreifels, and Bonnie Sweet. Also present was Nadine Schnettler, Director. Absent was: Carolyn Bauer.

Motion by Joyce, seconded by Joan to approve Agenda. Agenda approved. Motion by Bonnie, and seconded to approve the June minutes. Minutes approved. Motion by Bob and seconded by Ardell to approve the Treasurer’s report.

Old Business: As of this date, 28 have signed up for Trinity Heights trip. Nadine negotiated with the hotel to reduce the minimum number of rooms reserved. At this point, we will lose $20 unless more sign up. We had 27 people at the annual picnic. There was plenty of food, good weather and prizes. Regarding Police Chief Blum’s visit on June 23, it was very informative, however officer Revermann spoke more than Blum. The Artist in Residence grant was rejected due to the high number of RACF applications. However, they suggested other places to apply for funding. Nadine and Stephanie from Community Ed met with “orphan” programs (Painting Pals, Line Dancing, Nordic Walking and Bridge). They all agreed and are happy to be housed under the Senior Center umbrella. The craft sale was on 7/28. Income from the vendors totaled $57. The quilters sold about $375, which they gave to the senior center and the Craft Corner had sales of $75. Items in the Craft Corner that didn’t sell were donated to St. Boniface. Nadine, Bonnie, Anita, and Joan will meet to prepare a proposal for a new use for the space.

New Business: Our RACF account accrued $88 on our $1000 investment over the last 12 months. We will invite Jerry Wenner, RACF President, to our next board meeting to talk about whether we should move our State Bank CD’s into our RACF fund. Regarding the senior center rental agreement with ROCORI, our rent will stay the same, however, our charge for inclusion in the community ed brochure will increase slightly and we will have to pay $375 for the storage room we’ve been using behind the historical society. We can continue to solicit business ads for the brochure. Arlene, Joyce and Joan will lead that project. An inventory will be taken by Arlene, Shirlee, Connie and Bob. We decided to keep 85 chairs and 9 tables that are currently in storage. Community Ed will start offering senior center discounts in the brochure for center members who have paid their support fees. There is no cost to the center. We will continue to pay for a one-dozen express box every Monday from the bakery. Nadine is using CentraCare grant money for prizes to run a trivia contest every other week in the Record. The Thanksgiving potluck is Thursday, 11/16 at Noon. The Granite Edge will cater our Christmas lunch on 12/14 at Noon; same menu as last year. ROCORI may be changing their process for entering Door 1 to enhance security. More will come on that at a later date. Nadine has requested funds for an AED (defibrillator) from Stearns Electric Operation Round-Up. She has also requested one from the local fire departments. We decided to pass on the St. Cloud Times discount offer to resume delivery of the Times.

Committee Reports: A casino trip is planned for September 24-25 to JackPot Junction.

No further business. Motion by Ardell and seconded by Joyce to adjourn.

Next meeting is September 12, 2017.
Minutes taken by Anita Krebs.

No board meeting In July, 2017

June 13, 2017, Meeting Minutes (Approved)

Meeting was called to order by Nancy. Board members present were Arlene Athmann, Carolyn Bauer, Joan Moser, Nancy Nierenhausen, Connie Rausch, Bernie Schmitz, Bob Schreifels, and Bonnie Sweet.  Also present was Nadine Schnettler, Director, and Stephanie Hillman (ROCORI Community Education Dir).  Absent were:  Ardell Goebel, Anita Krebs, Joyce Phillips-Kunkel and Shirlee Prior.

Motion by Joan, seconded by Bob to approve Agenda. Agenda approved.  Motion by Connie, seconded by Bonnie to approve the May minutes.  Minutes approved.  Motion by Bob and seconded by Bernie to approve the Treasurer’s report.

Old Business:  Stephanie Hillman from Community Education proposed a discount for senior center members for community ed classes.  She and Nadine also talked about the “orphan” programs:  Painting Pals, Line dancing, Nordic Walking, and Bridge.  Stephanie and Nadine will be meeting with reps from each program to determine whether they want to be part of community ed or the senior center.  Stephanie also explained that Early Childhood programing is moving in to the old senior center space and what did we want to do with our extra tables and chairs.  Nadine reported that the arboretum trip did not have good weather or transportation.  Lots of lessons learned after that trip.  The Board decided there will be no refunds for trips when there is not sufficient notice to fill the vacant spot.  The May casino trip showed a profit of $241.  Nadine provided updates about the Trinity Heights trip and the Dollars for Scholars scholarship winner, Jordan Philippi.  Nadine will grill hotdogs and chicken patties at her home the morning of the June 15 picnic.  She will also purchase 15 bingo prizes for $1 or $2 each.  Craft Corner sales have been slow even with the 50% discount.  We will reduce everything in the craft corner to a free-will offering beginning with the date of the craft sale on July 28.  Nancy and Arlene will pick appropriate door prize items from the craft corner and set aside for future events.  We will use some of the vacated craft corner space for the greeting card display.  The May 6 meat raffle produced a profit of $350.

New Business:  The Board decided that our 50 cent cup of coffee is for a bottomless cup.  We will not meet in July.  Police Chief Blum will be presenting after Friday coffee on June 23.  The Board asked Nadine to talk to the 3rd Street Brewhouse to see if we can get on their tap-room takeover schedule for the summer of 2018.

Committee Reports:  Nadine reported that she wrote a thank you card which was hand-delivered by her husband to the Richmond Lions after the May Meat Raffle.  There were no other reports.

No further business. Motion by Carolyn and seconded by Joan to adjourn.

Next meeting is August 8, 2017.
Minutes taken by Nadine Schnettler